Drop and Scroll!


Another Friday is upon us and everyone at Hillside HQ is practically moonwalking with anticipation as we prepare to launch our latest web project - FYI: it’s a biggie!

A few months ago we took a call from Danny Macaskill’s (told you it was a biggie!) management team wondering if Hillside would be interested in developing a new website for Scotland’s own YouTube megastar/worldwide cycling phenomenon/[insert superlative of choice here]. As everyone at Hillside is pretty nuts about bikes (trust us, we’ve got the christmas lists to prove it) projects really don’t come much more exciting than this.

Stay tuned to the Hillside blog in the coming weeks for more insight into the creative process behind showcasing a body of work as unique and exciting as Danny’s. For now, we’re delighted to share the brand new and improved where you can check out all of Mr MacAskill’s latest videos and pictures and find out where he’ll be performing next on his Drop and Roll Tour.


It’s Party Time!! (Well, almost.)


While to some people it may feel that the festive period is perenially round the corner, nowhere is that truer than at Hillside HQ. We’ve been getting in the new year spirit for some time now, crafting (quite literally) a fierce (again, quite literally) new look for the wildest new year’s party in the world: Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. Today saw the press launch for this year’s festival and we were delighted to attend and witness the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as our creation was finally released into the wild. Hillside have been helping to steer the design of the Hogmanay brand since it all began 23 years ago, seeing it transformed from a small get-together of devoted Edinburgh locals to a spectacle now recognised around the world. This year, the event is expected to welcome 150,000 people to Scotland’s capital.


Our campaign this year encourages revellers to “Release your party animal” and with that in mind we’ve come up with nine animal characters, each with their own characteristics and unique link to Scottish culture and heritage. We’re really pleased with the response so far and looking forward to sharing more of the campaign in the run up to New Year.


Tickets are available for the full programme of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay events on their website. We’re sure it’s gonna be wild!

Stay tuned for more animal antics from the Hillside team in the coming weeks.



It’s Touro Time!!!

This Sunday sees the return of the Tour O The Borders, Scotland’s Premier closed road cycling sportive organised by the good peoples at Hillside Outside (our sister company FYI!). While some of the folks at Hillside are no stranger to the smell of sweaty lycra, we much prefer to exert ourselves creatively. This week we’ve been hard at work putting together an animated map to give riders an insight into what they’ll be tackling on this year’s route.


Fopp it like it’s hot!


This month we were pleased to release another exciting project out into the wilderness of the World Wide Web. We’ve been working hard to revamp Fopp’s website; transforming it from a simple store directory into a one stop shop for recommendations, latest releases, reviews, news, in-store events and much more! If you’re looking to expand your musical pallette or looking for your next box set binge then there is no better place to start than


A Well Balanced Logo


Julie is a wonderful person and yoga teacher who offers iyengar classes in Dundee, Peebles and Edinburgh. She recently moved into the thriving and established yoga studio White Room Collective in Dundee and she asked us to design a new identity to promote her business. Yoga is a beautiful and traditional form of exercise but we felt her logo needed a contemporary and fresh design to attract younger customers and also to reflect Julie’s personality and enthusiasm. The final logo is sporty, energetic and friendly - just like Julie herself! Log on to for more information about her yoga background and classes.


It’s All Going Down in Fort William!


This weekend sees the world’s elite mountain bikers make a return to the hallowed slopes of Aonach Mor (pronounced Anach More for those not au fait with the native gaelic tongue!) for Round 2 of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup.

Each year, the Fort William World Cup serves up very best in competitive mountain biking and Hillside have been working closely with the organisers to produce an identity that reflects the adrenaline-fuelled, death-defying nature of an event like no other. With a typically gigantic crowd cheering the riders on as they plummit towards the finish line, we’re sure it’s going to be a blast!


TweedLove 2015

TweedLove 2015 guide

TweedLove is just around the corner and we have the brochures to prove it! This year’s guide is packed with rad events to leave you itching to get on the trails. Hillside is proud to have been behind TweedLove’s visual identity and part of the TweedLove community since its beginning five years ago. We’ve seen it grow into the biggest cycling festival in the UK and we can’t wait for another two weeks of riding bikes and good times.




Good luck to all the riders getting amped for Vallelujah in the Scottish Borders this weekend. Vallelujah is the newest Enduro event from TweedLove and although the weather forecast is looking a bit gloomy we’re sure these super sweet t-shirt designs will help to brighten things up a bit!


Tree Time Launch

Tree Time
The campaign Tree Time Edinburgh was launched yesterday by Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust. Their aim is to work with partners in order to raise funds to plant 6,500 trees per year, to compensate for those that are lost. Hillside created the overall creative concept from top to bottom, including the name, logo, and website. A challenging design task for a purposeful initiative for our city!


Design Process


After 22 years of riotous revelry, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is now unrivalled as the world’s biggest new year party. Each year it’s our job to create a visual identity that captures the atmosphere, excitement and scale of this spectacular event. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into this (lengthy) creative process why not take an animated look behind the scenes as we show you how we brought the identity for this year’s event to life.